How does it work ?

Software intended for the registration of visitors in your company. Place a PC or tablet PC at the reception, an email will be sent to the person waiting for the visitor to prevent it.
In the statistics, you will find all the visits and you can generate PDFs ...
By downloading the software, you have a trial period of 2 months.

Another advantage, once the visit is made, unlike a paper folder, the visit is not visible to other visitors.


You can change the way visitors register.
Company, Contact, Request a Signature, Comment, Select the person visited, You can add photos to Company Contact and Service (Commercial, Marketing, Technical...)


The Software saves the data on the hard drive of the machine, a backup is performed every day and kept a week.

Operating Systems

The Software is optimized to run on Windows Computers or Tablets in Touch mode.
Attention Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 only.

The GDPR also applies to the data of visitors to your company.

Do people entering your company premises leave personal data there? The answer will very often be affirmative, if for example you keep a register of visitors.

Who says personal data immediately says GDPR.

If visitors or if the receptionist records contact details, personal data (name, company, license plate, etc.) is well collected.
In the case of a paper register, the sheet is completed in chronological order of arrival of visitors, so that one can easily find who came at a given time. This document can therefore be interpreted as a file, which will trigger the application of the GDPR.

Whether it is a paper or computer register, the same principles must therefore be applied!

Our software complies with the GDPR because it notifies the Visitor that his data will be kept for a given time (Configurable in months), then it will be automatically destroyed.
In addition, old visits are not visible to new visitors.


It is important to know and list the Visitors of your company (Suppliers, Customer, Sales).
The COVID-19 requires us to be vigilant about barrier measures and the traceability of passages in the company.

QR Code

We have created a function generating a QR Code to prevent visitors from touching the terminal or computer made available for recording visits to your site.
Visitors can then scan the QR Code and fill in their visit form directly on their smartphone (Android or IOS).

Software Features
  • Management of Visits.
  • GDPR Management.
  • Generation of a Visit QRCode (Contactless).
  • History of Visits.
  • Photos of Visited Persons (Image File or Photo Taking).
  • Comment from the Visiste.
  • Signature on the screen.
  • Calculation of the Visit Time.
  • PDF Generation, Tour Detail, and Date to Date Tour List.
  • Automatic closing of Unfinished Visits in the Day.
  • Multilanguage Software.
  • Color themes.
  • Network mode.
    Now you can share the data on a local network.
  • Standby mode.
To come up...
  • Badge printing with barcode
    End of visit management with barcode hand shower.
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Free 2 Months

  • Unlimited Staff
  • PDF generation
  • Sending visits by Mail
  • Maintenance by Mail
  • Update & New Features


  • Without engagement
  • Unlimited Staff
  • PDF generation
  • Sending visits by Mail
  • Maintenance by Mail
  • Update & New Features


  • Without engagement
  • Unlimited Staff
  • PDF generation
  • Sending visits by Mail
  • Maintenance by Mail
  • Update & New Features


  • Unlimited Staff
  • PDF generation
  • Sending visits by Mail
  • Maintenance by Mail
  • Update & New Features
* The prices of our products are indicated in Euros all taxes included

Frequently asked Questions...

Can I print Reports directly?
No, but the software generates a PDF file that I can then print.
Can I put pictures of Employees?
Yes, there is a Masculine and Feminine image bank in the software.
But you can take pictures, either with the camera of the computer, or by importing photos into the software ...
Does the software run on Android or Apple?
No, the software only works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Can I stop the Subscription when I want?
Yes, the use of the software is without commitment of duration.
But the subscription is not divisible . If you paid for 1 year, we can not stop subscription before the end of the period and refund the difference.
How to buy a subscription?
Download the software, then go to "Info" to pay directly from the application.
Can I install my license on more than one computer?
No, just like 'Windows', you need a license by computer.
We can offer a discounted rate depending on the number of positions. Please contact us.